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When you live in an apartment, having enough space can be an issue.

When you factor in all of your furniture, clothing and personal belongings, it can be difficult to fit everything you own into a small apartment.

Luckily, there are plenty of space-saving products that are perfect for apartment dwellers with limited square footage. The key is to purchase quality products that serve multiple functions and minimize excessive items that create clutter without providing enough usefulness.

Check out our list of the best space-saving products for small apartments.

Efficient Products For Small Apartments

Living Room

Storage Ottoman – Kick your feet up and relax on the couch while hiding books, games, remotes and other living room items in your storage ottoman. This ottoman looks great and can serve multiple functions — the top can even be flipped over and used as a tray, turning your footrest/storage container into a makeshift coffee table. It can also be used at the foot of your bed for stylish decor that stores your extra pillows and bedding.

storage ottoman
A storage ottoman serves as a place to rest your feet, store blankets and other items, and even use as a coffee table. [Image: Amazon]
Ladder Desk – If you need a place to work but don’t have a dedicated office or the space for a large bulky desk, consider a stylish leaning ladder desk. Its leaning design and angled frame takes up less floor space than a typical desk. The upper floating shelves are the ideal place to store books or display your photo frames and houseplants to create a zen workspace in your living room or bedroom.

leaning ladder desk
A leaning desk takes up less floor space than a traditional desk and provides a modern touch to your apartment. [Image: Wayfair]
Under-desk storage bins – If you have a surface or built in table/desk already somewhere in your apartment, these under-desk storage bins make a useful addition. They are extremely easy to install on any smooth surface and can be used to store small items like office supplies, remotes, headphones, brushes or toiletries underneath, minimizing clutter out on the desk, table or countertop.

under desk drawers
Under desk storage bins can be attached to any table top to add hidden storage underneath. [Image: Amazon]


Under-bed storage containers – Buffalo’s extreme weather means you probably have a lot of bulky warm clothing that you don’t need for many months of the year. But small apartments can have limited storage space, and it’s not necessary to have access to your coats in the middle of summer. That’s why we love these under-bed storage packs, which are made of natural canvas and look a lot more polished and sophisticated than your typical clothing storage containers while keeping your items free from pests, dust and lint. The soft lid allows you to unzip and open your case halfway to easily retrieve items from the bin in case of a freak snowstorm or chilly night. As an alternative, check out these clear rolling storage containers if you’re looking to store larger items like blankets or heavier items. The clear design allows you to easily see what’s inside, and the wheels make it easy to pull them out quickly.

Open Spaces Underbed storage bins
Stylish underbed storage bins are a great way to hide out-of-season clothes and bedding without taking away from your apartment aesthetic. [Image: Open Spaces]
Slim velvet hangers – Maximize your closet storage by hanging clothes on these elevated thin hangers. Their velvet coating provides a non-slip surface to help hold clothes in place, and the skinny design allows you to hang more items compared to a typical thick plastic hanger.

slim hangers
Slim hangers make it easy to fit more clothes in your closet. [Image: Target]
Floating bookshelves – Love to read but don’t have enough space for a large bookshelf? These hidden floating bookshelves are perfect for a student or avid reader living in an apartment. The shelves allow you to store many books without wasting valuable floor space, and their minimalist look helps turn your novels into unique decor. These shelves can also be used for other decorative knick-knacks, mini speakers, routers, games and more.

floating bookshelves
Floating bookshelves take up much less space than a traditional bookshelf and add a contemporary feel to your space. [Image: Amazon]


Roll Up Dish Drying Rack – Most apartments don’t have much counter space, and many also don’t have dishwashers, so having a dish drying rack that rolls up for storage is extremely helpful. This dish drying rack can be easily stored when not in use and can also be used over the sink to rinse fruits and vegetables when preparing food.

roll up dish drying rack
A dish drying rack that folds up can help you save valuable counter space in your apartment kitchen. [Image: Amazon]
Cabinet door organizerCabinet door organizers make having a small kitchen much easier. They allow you to store kitchen tools and supplies directly on the door, so you don’t have to go digging through the cabinet for your most frequently used items. They require no special install and create extra space in your cabinets, which is especially beneficial for renters who cook frequently.

cabinet door organizer
Cabinet door organizers add extra kitchen storage and make it easy to grab what you need. [Image: Amazon]
Rolling cartThis utility cart comes in a variety of bright colors and provides flexible storage for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. The wheels make it easy to move around the kitchen if you’re cooking and need utensils or ingredients, and it’s also convenient for a tight living space if you need to be able to move remotes, books or electronics around the room. Others love it for bathroom or bedroom storage since it can be rolled into tight spaces and easily pulled out for cleaning. Or use it to roll down your clothes and laundry detergent to the laundry room — this cart can really do it all.

rolling cart
A tiered rolling cart offers flexible storage space for any room in your apartment. [Image: Target]


Wall-mounted toothbrush/toiletry holder – If you have minimal counter space in your bathroom, you don’t want your toiletries taking up the whole sink. This wall-mounted toothbrush and toiletry holder keeps your bathroom items clean and dry while freeing up counter space. It even features an automatic toothpaste dispenser for quick and efficient brushing, as well as magnetic water cups that are stored upside down for quick drying after use.

toothbrush mount
Mounting your toothbrush and other toiletries using a wall holder will help you preserve space on your bathroom vanity. [Image: Amazon]
Pocketed shower curtain – Have limited space in your vanity or in your shower? A waterproof pocketed shower curtain provides a ton of extra storage for all of your shampoo, soap, razors and other toiletries, while providing easy access when you’re using the shower or sink.

pocketed shower curtain
Make use of vertical space in your bathroom by purchasing a shower curtain with multiple pockets to hold your toiletries. [Image: Amazon]
Tiered jewelry stand – A tiered jewelry stand provides easy access to all of your jewelry or other small personal items. It can be used to keep your jewelry safe, clean and dry while taking up just a small amount of space on your bathroom counter or nightstand.

tiered jewelry holder
A tiered jewelry holder can help you organize various small pieces of jewelry and other items while providing quick and easy access. [Image: Amazon]

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