Kenmore Development’s solar array at Gateway Center in North Tonawanda.

Since 1970 Kenmore Development has owned and operated apartment communities and commercial properties in the Western New York area from Buffalo’s Elmwood District to Niagara Falls.

Starting from a lone double, the company now operates a portfolio of 20 properties that includes 1,100 apartments and 100,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

2015 saw the completion of Kenmore Development’s first condo conversion at the the former West Ferry Place Apartments in The City of Buffalo. In 2017 it opened KenDev Realty to expand into residential real estate sales. while in 2018, it acquired and is is initial stages of developing the former Clint Small athletic field in City of Tonawanda.

In addition, 2018 also the saw launch of Kenmore Development’s first large rooftop solar array at its Gateway Park property in North Tonawanda. It has another rooftop array coming online in City of Tonawanda in 2019 and is actively pursuing further solar power opportunities.