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The holidays are just a few weeks away, so it’s time to get shopping.

In keeping with previous posts in 2020 and 2021, we’ve put together another gift guide outlining the best holiday gifts for apartment residents. These gifts will make the lives of apartment dwellers easier and help them make the most of a smaller space.

If you live in an apartment, share this list with friends or family to encourage them to purchase helpful and creative gifts for your apartment. Or, if you know someone who does, consider gifting them one of these useful products for the holidays.

Best Gift Ideas For Renters

Apartment Décor & Furniture

Artificial tree – We’ve written extensively about the benefits of houseplants and are firm believers in their qualities, such as providing cleaner air and therapeutic effects. But we’re also realistic about the upkeep and difficulty of keeping larger plants alive, as well as ongoing costs for soil and fertilizer. Indoor trees, in particular, can be high-maintenance, which is why we’re such fans of realistic looking faux indoor trees like this ficus tree. Its six-foot height makes it an ideal decorative piece for a dark corner, and the substantial ceramic pot provides additional texture and style. A high-quality artificial tree adds color and refinement to a room and provides the benefit of greenery, making a space instantly feel more open and welcoming.

Interior of apartment decorated with artificial tree
A high quality artificial tree can add greenery to your space and brighten up a dark corner of your apartment. [Image: Target]
Flameless Candles – Flameless candles are a safe way of warming up an apartment and creating a serene atmosphere without the risks of traditional candles. These wax candles feature safe LED light and use electromagnets to create extremely realistic flickering flame effects. Unlike real candles that burn down and have to be replaced, these candles use AA batteries that can last for months even with regular use. The various sizes can be mixed and matched to create a fireplace effect, perfect for curling up with a blanket during the holiday season.

flameless candles from Luminara
Flameless candles are a safe way of warming up an apartment and creating a serene atmosphere without the risks of traditional candles. [Image: Luminara]
Soft bean bag chair – Seating in a small apartment can be limited, and there isn’t always space for large sectional couches or armchairs. A bean bag chair is a comfortable compromise and gives you the flexibility of moving it around to different rooms to suit your needs and providing additional seating for guests. This super soft, faux fur bean bag chair will transform your room into a peaceful oasis, providing a cozy nook for reading, watching TV or enjoying a cup of tea. For apartment dwellers in cold cities like Buffalo, a gift like this will help create a sense of warmth and relaxation to help them get through those dark winter months.

Ivory bean bag chair from Pottery Barn
A soft bean bag chair will turn any nook in your apartment into a cozy oasis. [Image: Pottery Barn]

Kitchen Gifts

Space-efficient blender – Most apartments have small kitchens and minimal counter space, so kitchen equipment needs to be limited in size. That’s why a space-efficient but powerful blender like this is such a convenient tool to have in the kitchen. Most small blenders are only good for mixing drinks or breaking up softer items, but this “Beast” of a blender can mash hard vegetables like carrots and celery as well as frozen fruits, nuts and ice. It can be used for all of your meals, from breakfast smoothies and protein shakes to afternoon dips, soups and sauces. For those with health goals, it’s a great way to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet in the new year. The blender is also extremely easy to clean, and the blending cups come with lids and carry caps to quickly take your smoothie on the go. And when you’re traveling, the whole blender is tiny enough to fit into a small bag so you can eat healthy wherever you are.

Beast Health blender
A space-efficient but powerful blender is a convenient tool to have in an apartment kitchen for making smoothies, dips, soups and more. [Image: Beast Health]
Countertop ice maker – Purchasing and storing ice for a party can be difficult when you live in an apartment, and many apartment freezers don’t come with automatic ice makers. But when you’re having people over or just want to enjoy cold drinks on a hot summer day, having access to ice is essential. That’s why this countertop ice maker makes such a nifty gift for an apartment dweller. With a width of only 13 inches, it takes up minimal space on the kitchen counter and can be stored in a cabinet when not in use. Despite its small size, however, it can produce up to 33 pounds of ice a day — more than enough to supply ice for an apartment gathering with friends. The ice maker also produces round, smooth bullet-shaped ice and includes a self-cleaning mechanism to ensure your ice is safe and sanitary.

countertop ice maker
Despite its small size, a countertop ice maker can produce up to 33 lbs. of ice a day — more than enough to supply ice for an apartment gathering with friends. [Image: Walmart]
Marble wine cooler – Entertaining in an apartment can have its challenges, and sometimes there isn’t enough refrigerator space to chill wine or spirits. That’s why this marble wine cooler makes an excellent gift for any apartment dweller who enjoys hosting parties–and it costs less than a good bottle of wine. The premium black marble inlaid with brass looks elegant sitting on the counter and makes the entire kitchen look high-end while taking up just a few inches of space. When you don’t need to chill wine, the cooler provides further utility by doubling as a stylish vase or planter. If you really want to impress a sophisticated apartment dweller who loves to entertain, pair the wine cooler with the matching marble cheese tools and serving board.

Crate & Barrel black marble wine cooler
A marble wine cooler looks elegant sitting on the counter and can make your apartment kitchen look high-end while taking up just a few inches of space.

Health & Wellness

Hatch Restore – The Hatch Restore is an all-in-one gift that provides many functions that are useful for apartment dwellers, especially those who struggle with sleep. It features a sound machine, which white noise to help you fall asleep in loud environments, as well as a “sunrise alarm clock” that lights up gradually to mimic a natural sunrise, gently waking you, supporting healthy cortisol levels, and making it easier to get out of bed. This is especially helpful for people who struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder and have issues with their circadian rhythm during the dark winter months. When you’re not in bed, the Hatch can be used to create an ambiance with a variety of lights and sounds to help you focus, relax or meditate. There is also a companion cell phone app that allows you to create and save routines for bedtime, wakeup, or other times you need a boost throughout the day, so you can quickly get the light and sound setup you want. At only 7.5 inches wide and less than an inch deep, it fits easily on a night table while taking the place of multiple devices, and its light weight means it can also be used for travel.

Adjustable dumbbells – Most people don’t have a ton of space in their apartments for workout equipment, and getting to the gym, especially in the winter, can be a hassle. With adjustable dumbbells, however, you get the benefit of being able to use several different weights, just like at the gym, in one small package that can be hidden in an apartment closet when not in use. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to add or remove parts of the weight to make them heavier or lighter so that they can be used for various exercises, rather than having to own multiple dumbbell sets in different weights. This also makes it possible to build up your strength and progress without having to purchase and store new sets of weights. Strength training is an important component of exercise, and having access to different weights right in your apartment makes it easier to get a quick workout in and commit to getting healthier in the new year.

adjustable dumbbells
Adjustable dumbbells give you the functionality of a well-stocked gym with various weights without taking up much space in your apartment. [Image: Amazon]

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