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With Cyber Monday now a weeklong event for most retailers, it’s a great time to take advantage of the abundant deals for your 2023 holiday shopping.

As in years past, we’ve put together a new edition of gift recommendations for anyone that lives in an apartment. These products are useful and practical for apartment dwellers who want to make the most of their space.

While we’ve included links to popular online stores, these products are also available locally to support stores in the Western New York region (and to bail out anyone that waits until the last moment to shop).

Here are some of our favorite smart and thoughtful holiday gift ideas for apartment living.

Gifts for Apartment Living Under $20

Graza Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Sure, the bottle is so attractive that recipients won’t want to put it away in a cabinet. But reviewers add that this olive oil is so much more than just a fancy design. The squeeze bottle is designed in a way that it makes using a small amount of oil easy and predictable. The Sizzle version is recommended for a wide range of uses including roasting, searing, poaching, pan frying, baking, and marinating. Their separate and equally well designed pairing is the Graza “Drizzle” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is meant to be eaten without heating, such as on salads or breads.

Graza "Drizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil on kitchen counter
[Image: Target]

Dash Mini Waffle Maker – Regardless of the size of your appetite, this mini waffle maker is sure to please. It takes up minimal counter space, fits easily inside a cabinet after use, and has a quick and easy clean up process with its non-stick cooking surface. We’re a fan of making extra and freezing them for even quicker and convenient snacks or breakfasts. It comes in two cute colors and it’s a top value at just $10.

Mini waffle maker with waffle inside on counter
Image: Target


Skull Card Game – This game is described as having all of the fun elements of bluffing that poker provides, but has a simpler set of rules and optimal games can be played with as little as three participants. Players have raved about the low learning curve and games that don’t go on for too long. Games last roughly 30 minutes and up to 6 players can play in a single game, so it’s perfect for a night in with friends.

people playing Skull Card game around a coffee table
Image: Amazon


Slice Ceramic Blade Safety Cutter – This tool is one gift you won’t have to worry about going unused. This compact box opener is a safer and faster way to open packages without the risks of using larger blades, scissors or keys. It works on everything from cardboard and tape to plastic clamshells. There’s no sacrifice in sharpness and they’re available at a price as compact as its physical size, at under $6.

Slice safety cutter being used to open a package of bottled water
Image: Amazon


Kasa Smart Plug – While manufacturers offer “smart” versions of nearly anything these days, these plug adapters allow you to turn your existing plug-in items into smart appliances. Gone are the days of laying in bed and wishing you had already turned on your fan on the other side of the room. Kara Smart Plugs allow you to control power to your devices without needing any extra hubs or add-ons. Simply set up the Kasa app and add the devices as shortcuts on your mobile device. Expand even further with Kasa’s smart bulbs, which add smart brightness adjusting and color changing features to existing light fixtures.

Graphic showing several uses for the Kasa smart plug
Image: Amazon


Rechargeable Hand Warmer – Make leaving the apartment a bit cozier with a rechargeable hand warmer. This rechargeable hand warmer has different heat level settings, so you’re able to control the temperature and optimize the length of the battery. It’s especially convenient for those cold walks to your office or car during the Buffalo winter. Not only will this keep your hands warm, it can also be used as a mobile charger for additional devices, with a 5200mAh lithium battery and USB-C charging port. Between heating and recharging, this is a gift that can be used both at home and on the go.

Woman holding rechargeable hand warmer while reading
Image: Amazon

Gifts for Apartment Living Under $100

Sonora Mini Collection – Mini Cactus Kit, Handmade Ceramic Planter – You know we love plants here at KenDev, especially ones that are easy to care for and difficult to kill. The Etsy shop TierraSolStudio is the self-declared spot for “Hand Grown Plants and Handmade Ceramics For Plant Killers.” Their mini cactus kit comes with three plants that were grown in their greenhouse. Each ceramic planter is handmade and holds an amount of water that will keep each plant small without any need to replant in a larger pot in the future. It’s a gift that won’t take up too much space, but can still make a visual statement and provide the benefits of houseplants.

3 mini cacti in colorful pots
Image: TierraSolStudio on Etsy


Candle Without the Fire: Lighting candles in your apartment can be dangerous and may even be prohibited, but there’s still a way to get the scented benefits of candles without the fire hazard. This candle warmer heats wax from the bottom of the candle to release the scent of the candle without having to light it. In addition to the safety benefits, this also helps the candle last many hours longer compared to lighting the wick. There’s also a dimmer switch so you’re able to adjust the rate of candle use and scent released. Not to mention, it’s an incredibly stylish addition to your decor.

Decorative candle warmer without flame on desk
Image: MyLuxGarden on Etsy


BLACK+DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum – Most messes don’t require the time and hassle of a full size vacuum. This model includes plenty of cleaning power in a compact package that’s convenient for apartments and cars alike. It also features a “boost” feature for four times the power for shorter bursts and an extension for reaching spots that are further away. A generously-sized dust bin, along with extended runtime and a battery indicator, allow for uninterrupted cleaning sessions. For added practicality, the one-touch easy empty dust bin keeps the cleaning process mess-free.

Woman vacuuming couch with handheld vacuum
Image: Amazon


Polaroid Printer – There’s no shortage of photos on everyone’s phones these days, but it’s increasingly rare for any of those photos to be printed. This compact and portable printer is only about 6’’ by 3’’ by 1’’ wide and fits nearly in a desk or on a side table. The printer connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to print anything from your camera roll in under 50 seconds. The 2’’ x 3’’ photos are ideal for keeping in a wallet, sticking on the fridge or placing in a heartfelt card. While this printer isn’t a replacement for large-batch printing, its wireless and battery-powered convenience allows for printing anytime and anywhere.

polaroid pocket printer with printed out image of girl blowing bubblegum bubble
Image: Amazon


Foot Massager – A heated foot massage is tough to beat after a long winter day (or any season, really). For about the cost of one spa massage, you can purchase this foot massager, which offers deep kneading, air compression, heat and rolling at different intensity levels. The massager fits feet up to size 12 and has an auto-shutoff feature in case the massage sends the user into a relaxed state of sleep. It’s a helpful gift for runners or other people who are active, or anyone who enjoys having their feet rubbed after a day in uncomfortable shoes.

Woman using foot massager while sitting in a chair using her laptop
Image: Amazon

Gifts for Apartment Living Under $300

Sonos Roam SL Speaker – This speaker occupies a unique space in the market as it works well as an at-home speaker to fill your room with sound, but also includes an integrated battery and rugged design that lets you take it on the go without worrying about its durability. This Sonos features IP67 waterproofing, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, Apple AirPlay 2 and up to 10 hours of battery life. You can find cheaper speakers out there, but the versatility and sound quality of the Sonos make it a worthy investment.


TheraFace LED – While percussion massagers for the body are common these days in gyms and spas, those typical devices aren’t meant for anywhere near your neck or face. Therabody’s new TheraFace LED is a massager intended specifically for those delicate areas. They describe the tool as a way to relax facial muscles and boost circulation while adding light therapy that aims to fight aging properties. While it’s a bit of an investment at $299, it pays for itself when you consider the cost of a few facials — and you can use it from the comfort of your couch. The device includes three different massage attachment shapes (Cone, Micropoint, Flat) and three LED light rings (Red, Blue & Infrared Light Therapy). Optional attachments include warm and cold therapy rings, which can be useful for those suffering from jaw tightness, headaches or TMJ. It’s another device that may quickly earn its way into your daily self-care routine.

Man using Theraface massager on his face
Image: TheraBody


Dreo Pedestal Fan with Remote & Smart Home Features – If you’re like most people you’ve never considered the tech inside your fan, but these days fans are better (and greener) than ever. This Dreo model includes a DC motor, which is more powerful and less noisy than the AC motors found in most fans. DC motors are also significantly more energy-efficient and consume roughly 70% less energy than AC models. Pair this all with the Smart Home and phone app integrations and you have a convenient and well designed fan that’s a worthy upgrade.

Pedestal fan with smartphone features
Image: Amazon


Anker NEBULA Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector – This projector is about the size of a soda can, but can project an image as large as 100 inches and includes its own speakers. It’s a practical choice for anyone that might want a first (or second) screen without a TV physically or visually dominating their space when it’s not in use. Like any projector, it performs best when the room isn’t bright. While it might not be able to compete on image quality with the latest 4K TVs, this projector’s tiny footprint and unique integrated battery that can last up to 4 hours both indoors and outdoors make it a handy and functional gift for anyone with limited space.

People using portable projector to project a movie outside. The text "4 Hours of Easy Playtime Anywhere" appears on the image
Image: Amazon


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