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Pokémon captured at Walden Galleria Mall

Sept 20, 2016 – Pokémon GO really blew up this summer–and luckily for our residents, many were right in the thick of it, surrounded by PokéStops and Pokémon nearby (and even within) several of our apartment communities.

The popular smartphone-based game is a great way to get out and get to know the Buffalo area, get some exercise and make friends. That’s why we love seeing residents and neighbors out and searching for Pokémon near our apartments. If you’ve seen any at a Kenmore Development property, be sure to post them on our Facebook page!

Pokémon GO: The Basics

For those of you new to the game, here are a few basic things to know about the game and how it works:

  • The Pokémon GO app uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to present you with a map of your actual surroundings in the real world. The map shows where you can catch Pokémon in the wild, meet other Pokémon trainers, and battle Pokémon.
  • PokéStops are a major part of GO. They are places players can go to collect items such as Pokémon eggs (to be hatched into Pokémon) and Poké Balls, which are used to capture wild Pokémon. Players use their phone’s GPS to find the stops, which appear in the game as floating blue cubes that you can tap on to get the picture of the real-life location counterpart. These are usually located in public places, such as historical markers, malls, churches, monuments and art installations.
  • To catch a Pokémon, players must first find the creature in real life. A player’s phone will vibrate when a Pokémon is nearby, and the Pokémon will appear on the map within the app. To catch it, a player must touch the Pokémon on the map. The Pokémon will appear in front of the player, and the player will have to touch and hold their Poké Ball using the app. To capture it, the player must fling their Poké Ball toward the Pokémon within the app. If they are successful, the Poké Ball will capture the Pokémon. It’s not quite as simple as it sounds, though — some Pokémon are easier to catch than others, and the target ring around the Pokémon will change in size as a player attempts to throw their Poké Ball.
  • Pokémon Gyms are places you can go to battle and train your Pokémon. Once you’ve reached level five in the game, you’ll be able to join one. While using the app, if there are Gyms nearby, you’ll be able to see them on your map and how close you are to one. They’re usually located near popular places, particularly within cities. On the map, they look like big towers. If a Pokémon gym been claimed by another Pokémon team, it will be topped by the symbol belonging to the team that controls it. If a gym is already claimed, you can win it for yourself by entering the gym and attacking your opponent’s character within the app until you get their “prestige points” (which are won through battling) down to zero. It sounds intense, but Pokémon Gyms are a great place to have fun and meet new people while gaining points within the game.

Where to find Pokémon around Buffalo

To help Pokémon GO players in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, we’ve outlined where you can find Pokémon, PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms in the areas near our apartment communities.

You can also use the map below to see all of the PokéStops in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Now get out and play while the weather is still nice!


North Buffalo/Parkside

Pokémon GO Buffalo Zoo North Buffalo
The Buffalo Zoo, located within Delaware Park in North Buffalo, is a popular place to catch Pokémon like Eevee, seen here. [Image: The Buffalo News]
Delaware Park is a great place to visit and catch a wide variety of Pokémon–particularly bug, grass, bird, and normal-type Pokémon. You’ll find plenty of late-night players circling Ring Road looking for Pokémon. Don’t forget to look for the gym by the basketball courts. PS: We hear the Rose Garden spawns Charmander, and it’s worth a visit for that alone.

While you’re at the park, don’t forget to check out The Buffalo Zoo to see all kinds of rare “animals.” We hear there are a ton of Abras, several PokéStops and a gym as well.

Elmwood Village

Walk up and down Elmwood Avenue and you’ll see plenty of Pokémon. Check out Buffalo State College as well. Players say there aren’t a ton of Pokémon, but there are lots of PokéStops and a couple Pokémon Gyms. If you get hungry, there are plenty of places to refuel along the strip.

We hear the Albright Knox Art Gallery is a top spot in the city, and luckily just a short drive from our Elmwood Village and Delaware Park Apartments. Players say it’s great place to catch Abras, Clefairys, and even a Dragonaire. And according to Step Out Buffalo, there are several PokéStops outdoors (so you shouldn’t have to pay to visit them) and at least one Lure happening at any given time near the back stairs.


Pokémon GO canalside downtown Buffalo
There’s a ton of Pokémon GO action at Canalside in Downtown Buffalo, NY. This screenshot from the game shows plenty of PokéStops around the area. [Image: The Buffalo News]
Being close to the water and heavily trafficked, Canalside is a Pokémon hotspot. According to The Buffalo News, Canalside has the highest concentration of PokéStops anywhere in Buffalo, as well as a highly competitive gym. Being right on Lake Erie, it’s a great spot to catch water-type Pokémon, and players can be found wandering the area throughout the day and night. One person reports 10 PokéStops within 20 feet–that’s a lot of Pokémon Go bang for your buck.

Shea’s Performing Arts Center is a Pokémon Gym and is “virtually unbeatable,” according to Step Out Buffalo. The Buffalo News building has a PokéStop, and Niagara Square, City Hall and The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus are all solid places to find Pokémon, according to players.


If you’re a serious Pokémon player, you won’t want to miss stopping at Collector’s Inn, a comic and game store that has been located in Kenmore since 1983. According to the Ken-Ton Bee, Collector’s Inn is a PokéStop that runs free events to teach people about Pokémon, the original card game as well as the app. Joseph Loveric, the store’s owner, says that the Kenmore post office and St. Paul’s Church, just a short walk from the store, are also PokéStops worth checking out. The best part? Collector’s Inn is just a three-minute walk from our KenDev Studios, a three-minute drive from our Ralston Elmwood Apartments and a four-minute drive from our Sheridan Manor Apartments.

Tonawanda / North Tonawanda

Players say that there are a ton of PokéStops in the area surrounding the historic The Riviera Theatre. One user says you can walk around the block several times and find a total of 13 Stops–with plenty of shops and restaurants to check out along the way.

Near the Niagara River is another great place to catch water-type Pokémon in North Tonawanda. Our Gateway Park Apartments are just a mile from Niawanda Park, so it’s worth visiting for a scenic afternoon of Pokémon catching along the water. And our Witmer Road Apartments are a short seven-minute walk from Gratwick Waterfront Park, another good place to catch Pokémon along the river.

Niagara Falls

Unsurprisingly, the area around Niagara Falls, NY is a great place to catch Pokémon. Niagara Falls State Park is a popular place for Pokémon catchers to explore and find all different types of Pokémon round the clock (it’s open 24 hours), and luckily, it’s a short 15-minute drive from our Niagara Falls apartments.

Niagara Falls is, of course, home to many water-type Pokémon. Players say that if you head down to the shops and restaurants, you’ll find four Pokéstops! And apparently, the Whirlpool has five PokéStops and two Gyms.

We’d love to hear where you’re catching Pokémon around Buffalo and WNY! If you’ve caught any Pokémon at a Kenmore Development property, don’t forget to post a screenshot on our Facebook page.

Law enforcement officials remind users to avoid trespassing and to make sure they stay aware of their surroundings while out hunting for Pokémon. Keeping catching ’em all, and be careful out there!

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