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It’s officially a new year (and a new decade), and it’s likely your New Year’s resolutions are in full swing.

One popular resolution for many is to save money. But of course, there are always things that need to be purchased, particularly when you’re moving into a new apartment.

How you can still stick to your resolution of saving money while shopping for household essentials? It’s easy — just start purchasing your home items at the dollar store.

Dollar Store Finds For Your Apartment

It may be hard to believe, but many home products you’d normally purchase elsewhere, such as cleaning supplies, dishes, storage containers and toiletries, can be found at the dollar store.

These items often the same quality as those you could purchase at Target, IKEA or other stores, for a fraction of the price.

There are several Dollar Tree and Family Dollar locations near our apartment communities in North Buffalo, Kenmore, Niagara Falls and the Tonawandas, so they’re definitely worth checking out to see if you can save some money on everyday items.

What To Buy At The Dollar Store

Here are some of our favorite items that can be purchased at the dollar store to help you stick to your money-saving resolutions this year and beyond.

  • Storage containers – Plastic containers are perfect for storing clothes, shoes, supplies and any other items to keep them protected. There’s no point in paying five or ten times the price for something that’s going under your bed or in your closet, so purchase these at the dollar store to save cash.
  • Vases, candles and decorative bowls – Spruce up your apartment with flowers in vases and decorative bowls without paying those high-end prices. You can find a variety of cute, unique home decor items at the dollar store without spending a ton of money. Decorate them with paint to truly make them your own.
  • Picture frames – One of the best and most affordable ways to decorate an apartment is to hang photographs. The cost of picture frames, however, can really add up. But the dollar store has many simple frames you can customize with minimal effort. All you need is a bit of paint and some decorations, and you can have yourself a frame that looks expensive and Pinterest-worthy.
  • Office supplies – Envelopes, mailing labels, paper clips, tape and more can be found at the dollar store. Each of these items would cost several dollars more at an office supply store.

    dollar store items
    Office supplies, candles, sunglasses and plenty more home items can be found at the dollar store for cheaper than you’d spend at a big-box store.
  • Mugs, cups, plates and utensils – Don’t need a large box of drinkware or multiple dinner plate and utensil sets? Purchase only the dishes you need for a fraction of the price you’d pay at larger retailers. The quality is similar, and you don’t need to commit to a large set of dishware if you only need a few items for yourself.
  • Cooking and baking supplies – You can purchase baking sheets, cupcake tins, large spoons, spatulas, flippers and more at the dollar store for much less than at those fancy cooking stores. Most work just as well, and the right supplies can make it easier to cook at home, saving you even more money in the long run.
  • Reusable tote bags – These bags will help you go green and avoid wasteful plastic bags at the grocery store or anywhere you do your shopping. At just a dollar each, you can afford to buy a couple to keep in your car and apartment so you’re always ready for a shopping trip. Since Wegmans no longer offers single-use plastic bags and the state is set to ban them starting March 1, you’ll want to be prepared.
  • Seasonal decorations – You can find adorable decorations for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and any other holiday at the dollar store. Since these items are only used for short periods of time, there’s no point in overpaying for them at big-box stores. Since they’re so cheap, you don’t have to feel bad about only using them for a season or two.

    dollar store aisle
    The dollar store is filled with low-cost home items, from toiletries and condiments to party supplies and decorations.
  • Greeting cards – Greeting cards can cost $4 or more at the pharmacy. Save money and purchase them in bulk so you always have the right card on hand for a birthday or special occasion.
  • Party supplies – Throwing a party doesn’t have to break the bank. The dollar store is a great resource for straws, cups, decorations, gift bags and any other items you might need to throw a great party.
  • Spices, flour, condiments and snacks – While you couldn’t (or shouldn’t) eat meals solely from dollar store food, they can be a great place to stock up on pantry items and condiments, since these are usually no different than what you’d purchase at the grocery store. Spices can really make a difference when you’re cooking at home, and most grocery stores sell bottles for at least $5 each. Purchasing spices at the dollar store can save you a lot of money while upping your chef game, so you’ll want to cook more and eat healthier in 2020.
  • Trash bags, tin foil, plastic wrap and parchment paper – These items are the same as you’d purchase in the grocery store, so there’s no reason to pay more for them.

    cleaning supplies
    Cleaning supplies, such as window cleaner, disinfectants and paper towels, can be purchased at the dollar store.
  • Cleaning supplies – From laundry detergent and disinfectants to toilet cleaners, brushes, sponges and window cleaner, you can find everything you need to deep clean your apartment at the dollar store. These items usually cost several times as much as big-box stores while having the same ingredients.

In 2020, make it your resolution to shop at the dollar store more frequently, and your savings will add up quickly. Put the money you save toward a gift to yourself or another resolution, such as traveling more often or getting a gym membership.

What are you favorite home items to buy at the dollar store? Let us know in the comments below.

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