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When furnishing an apartment, everyone remembers the basics: a bed, couch, table, chairs, dishes, a desk, etc.

But sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact on your life. There are tons of unique and practical products out there that can help improve the organization, comfort and enjoyability of your apartment without blowing your budget. From storage solutions to space-saving furniture, these products can help you make the most of your apartment.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful things you should consider getting for your apartment. Our list includes items mentioned on BuzzFeed, Refinery29 and Zumper.

Whether you just moved into a new place or have been living in your apartment for years, these products will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your home life.

Unique & Useful Apartment Products


  • Read & Roll – You can’t get more unique than this item. Like to read in the bathroom? There’s no need for a separate magazine holder — this toilet paper holder has a space to hold your magazines, newspaper, iPad or other reading materials.
read & roll toilet paper holder apartment
Image: ebay
  • Grassy organizer – This organizer might not look like much, but it’s the perfect way to store items you want to keep standing up — such as pens, toothbrushes, or other small items. Grab one for your office and bathroom to keep spaces uncluttered and store bathroom items hygienically.
Grassy organizer apartment
Image: The Container Store
  • Hot iron holster – If you use a straightener or curling iron on your hair, you need this item. This holster helps you store your hot irons when not in use while also providing a heat-resistant pocket to put them down during use if you don’t have a large vanity.
hot iron holster for sink
Image: Amazon
  • Shower curtain with pockets – Most people with roommates know the struggle of sharing a shower — especially if your roommate likes to keep a lot of products in there. A shower curtain with pockets solves your storage problems and makes it much easier to clean your bathtub.
shower curtain with pockets
Image: Amazon

Bedroom & Living Room

  • Collapsible laundry basket – This collapsible laundry basket folds up flat when not in use so you’re not wasting any space with an empty basket in your room.
collapsible laundry basket
Image: Amazon
  • Runaway alarm clock – If you have a tendency to oversleep or hit the snooze button, this runaway alarm clock will be your best friend (and worst enemy). The Clocky alarm clock will jump from a 3-foot high nightstand and run off in different directions, bumping into objects and beeping loudly until you get out of bed and turn it off. For better and worse, you won’t be able to avoid waking up.
runaway alarm clock
Image: Amazon
  • Couch arm tray – There’s no need for an end table next to your couch with this handy tray that fits right over your couch’s arm. It saves space and makes it that much easier for a couch potato to enjoy food and drinks without making a mess.
couch arm tray
Image: Etsy


  • Adjustable over-the-sink cutting board – Love to cook but don’t have much counter space? This cutting board helps you save space by positioning it over the sink while you wash and chop your produce.
sink cutting board with colander
Image: Amazon
  • Red oven pull monster – If you’ve ever burned your hand reaching into your oven to pull out cooked food, you know the struggle. This adorable $3 kitchen gadget pulls the oven rack for you so you don’t have to reach in, preventing burned hands for seasoned and amateur chefs alike.
pull for oven
Image: Container Store
  • Smart Herb Garden – Enjoy homegrown fruits, flowers and herbs right in the comfort of your own apartment — no gardening or weed-whacking needed. The Smart Home Garden cares for your plants automatically by making sure they have enough water, light and nutrients at all times, so there’s no need to worry if you go out of town or forget to water them. It’s a great addition to any apartment kitchen, particularly for busy cooks who like convenient access to fresh herbs all year long.
smart indoor garden
Image: Click and Grow

Stay tuned for more posts on clever apartment gadgets. We’ll be putting together lists like this every so often so you can stay updated on the coolest products for your apartment.

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