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Jan 17, 2017 – While the chill of January in Buffalo may force you to stay indoors, it’s the best season to curl up with a hot cup of coffee in one of the area’s many cafes.

Tim Horton’s may be a ubiquitous local favorite, but there are plenty of cozy locally-owned coffee shops that serve up unique coffee drinks made from locally-roasted beans, as well as homemade food items you won’t find at a drive-thru.

The Best Cafes Around Buffalo & Niagara Falls

We’ve put together a list of the best cafes near our apartment communities in North Buffalo, the Elmwood Village, Kenmore, Tonawanda and Niagara Falls. From hot chocolate to cappuccinos, organic teas and espresso, these coffee shops serve up a variety of hot drinks and provide a cozy refuge from the city’s brutal winters.

daily planet coffee north buffalo
The Daily Planet Coffee Co. in North Buffalo serves up live musical performances along with its expansive menu of homemade food and coffee beverages. [Image: Yelp]

North Buffalo / Elmwood Village

Daily Planet Coffee Co. – This North Buffalo coffeehouse, located on the corner of Hertel Ave. and Parker Ave., features a wide variety of coffee drinks and teas, as well as a broad menu of delicious bakery items, breakfast and lunch dishes and homemade soup. Best of all, the cafe hosts live music performances to enjoy while cozying up with your hot drink.

Perks Cafe – This coffee shop relocated from downtown last January, filling the void left by Coffee Culture’s departure from 448 Elmwood Ave. The new cafe definitely doesn’t disappoint, featuring a large menu with lattes in unique varieties including nutella, matcha and vanilla bean cinnamon chai, as well as special hot and cold tea concoctions and regular coffee drinks. Their expansive food menu includes several vegan and gluten-free options, and their delicious bakery items from local vendors can’t be missed. The atmosphere is calming and creative, featuring artwork and photography from local artists that will keep you inspired whether you’re visiting for work or relaxation.

West Side / Downtown Buffalo

Tipico Coffee – With a rustic, beautifully designed setting in the midst of a West Side neighborhood, Tipico is one of the newer additions to the Buffalo coffee scene, and undoubtedly one of the best. It features a revolving coffee menu highlighting modern techniques such as pour-over coffee, as well as a light food menu with sandwiches made on bread from local favorite Breadhive that pair perfectly with your latte.

Public Espresso + Coffee Hotel Lafayette Downtown Buffalo
A handcrafted latte made at Public Espresso + Coffee, located in the 100-year-old Hotel Lafayette in Downtown Buffalo. [Image: Yelp]
Sweet_ness 7 Café – This West Side institution is one of Buffalo’s most popular cafes, and for good reason. The interior has a homey, friendly vibe with couches to perch on and play some of the in-house games available to visitors, as well as plenty of tables to get work done or chat with friends. The all-day breakfast is top notch as well, with patrons noting their huge egg sandwiches on homemade English muffins and fluffy pancakes to pair with your espresso, steamer, tea or hot chocolate.

Public Espresso + Coffee – Located downtown in the Hotel @ the Lafayette, this coffee shop sets the standard for others in the area, featuring meticulously crafted coffee beverages made from beans roasted at their roastery on Grant St. Their location is perfect for people-watching or getting work done, and they source scratch-made pastries from some of the best local bakeries, including Butter Block and Elm St. Bakery. For those who want to expand their coffee knowledge, Public offers cupping classes to educate people about the brewing process from farm-to-cup, as well as tastings of different beans.

Kenmore / Tonawanda

Spot Coffee – This local favorite just opened in Kenmore on 1 Delaware Road, providing the village with unique coffee drinks, gourmet pizzas, all-day breakfast and yummy bakery items. With additional locations on Elmwood Avenue, Hertel Avenue and Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, as well as several in the suburbs, Spot continues to serve up some of the best coffee in the area. The newest location is a convenient five-minute walk from our KenDev studios, making it an easy morning stop for residents.

The Why Coffee Shop Niagara Falls NY
The unassuming Why Coffee Shop in Niagara Falls, NY is a local treasure, offering solid coffee and hearty breakfast options at prices that fit its retro vibe. [Image: TripAdvisor]
Donut Kraze – Few things pair better with coffee than donuts, and Donut Kraze in Tonawanda bakes up some of the best in the area. The relaxed atmosphere of the cafe, along with its 24/7 hours, make it a great place to hang out and relax with a hot mug of joe and a donut whether you’re up at 4am or working the night shift. If you’re looking to up the sugar rush even more, try their iced capps, caramel macchiatos and chocolate salted caramel drinks. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try their “Kraze” sandwich, featuring bacon, sausage and egg on a glazed donut with maple syrup.

Niagara Falls, NY

The Why Coffee Shop – For those looking for something different than the usual hipster coffee shops, The Why Coffee Shop offers a relaxed feel, with locals enjoying a hearty breakfast with their coffee at this down-home diner. Keeping with its retro vibe, the restaurant is cash only — but luckily, so are the prices, with full breakfast combos less than $5 each and coffee for just 65 cents — a fraction of the cost you’ll pay at a fancy gourmet coffee shop. If you’re looking for hot coffee and a filling meal at a great price, this place is definitely worth a stop in Niagara Falls.

What’s your favorite coffee shop or cafe around Buffalo and Niagara Falls? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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