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It’s officially giving season, and many people will be exchanging gifts over the next month to celebrate the holidays.

If you’ve been eyeing fancy electronics or trendy décor for your apartment, it’s a great time to put a list together for your loved ones. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself — we won’t judge.

As a followup to our earlier post on cool products for your apartment, we’ve put together a new list of apartment products to put on your holiday wishlist list this year. While some are more expensive and suitable for a larger present, most are affordable and make excellent holiday gifts for anyone living in an apartment.

Apartment Gifts Under $20

The Bird’s Nest Fern ($9) – A small, pet friendly and easy to care for fern for your apartment. This plant does well in low-medium light and only needs to be watered weekly, so it’s ideal for the busy apartment dweller who travels a lot. Learn the benefits of having plants in your apartment, which range from better health and wellness to improved air quality and increased productivity.

 Bird's Nest Fern apartment plant
The Bird’s Nest Fern is an affordable gift for your apartment that can benefit your health and happiness. [Image: The Sill]
French press ($15) – A French press is the easiest way to make delicious coffee at home for yourself or a group. It’s way more economical and environmentally friendly than using one of the pod machines, and if you buy fresh, high quality coffee beans, it’ll rival the coffee you get at a coffee shop. Plus, they’re extremely versatile — you can also use a french press to make cold brew iced coffee or even loose leaf tea.

Codenames ($15) – Codenames is a word-based board game that’s perfect for game night with a large group of friends. Each team leader uses their creativity to come up with codewords to help their teammates guess their team’s words correctly without accidentally guessing one of the other team’s words. It’s a simple yet surprisingly engaging game that will keep guests entertained for hours.

codenames word game
Having fun board games in your apartment is crucial, and Codenames won’t disappoint on your next game night. [Target]
Cast iron skillet ($15) – If you only buy one item for your kitchen, make it a Lodge cast iron skillet. Cast iron comes pre-seasoned and is amazing to cook with because it conducts heat evenly. The pan can even go in the oven, making it easy to cook meats and other foods that need to be browned before cooking through. Eggs, pancakes, roast chicken — whatever you make in this skillet will come out tasting delicious.

Apartment Gifts Under $100

Humidifier/diffuser ($27) – The cold, dry air of winter forces us to keep our heaters on blast, which dries out the air in your home and leads to more dust and allergens in the air. This humidifier improves air quality while also serving as an aromatherapy device. You can use it with any essential oils, which keep your apartment smelling fresh while improving your mood, sleep and health.

apartment humidifier diffuser
A humidifer/diffuser can help improve air quality in your apartment and even improve your mood. [Image: Amazon]
Wireless cell phone charger ($30) – Avoid the cord clutter and charge your cell phone the futuristic way: wirelessly. This wireless charger charges your phone super fast, and it’s compatible with newer iPhones and smart devices. It’s extremely functional for a small space and will help you avoid the annoyance of propping your phone up near an outlet while it charges.

Ember Ceramic Mug ($80) – If you like to drink coffee or tea in your apartment but hate when your drink gets cold, you’re in luck. The Ember ceramic mug uses battery power to keep your beverage hot for hours, so you can enjoy it at your leisure without worrying about it losing heat. You can adjust the temperature exactly how you like it directly through their smartphone app and even save your presets for different drinks. If you like to curl up and get cozy with a hot drink in the winter, you’ll definitely want to put this on your list.

Instant Pot ($80) – It can be difficult to cook for yourself, especially if you don’t have a huge kitchen in your apartment. But the Instant Pot makes cooking a breeze and doesn’t require the planning or time that a slow-cooker does. This appliance makes it easy to cook rice, stews, meat, yogurt and more in a fraction of the time you’d spend making it in the oven or crockpot. It’s simple to use and allows you to easily make large batches of food to freeze or save for other meals. And since it also has a slow-cooker setting, you don’t have to deal with having two large appliances in your kitchen.

Shearling slippers ($89) – You may never leave your apartment after purchasing a pair of cozy shearling slippers like these from L.L. Bean, available for both men and women. These cozy slippers are a luxury worth asking for — you’ll be grateful when they’re keeping your feet toasty warm as you walk around the cold floors of your apartment in the winter.

shearling slippers ll bean
These cozy shearling boots are the best anecdote to cold apartment floors in the winter.[Image: L.L.Bean]

Apartment Gifts Over $100

Sonos One ($179) – The Sonos One is the best home speaker for the apartment-dwelling audiophile. It connects to wifi, so the connection is much more reliable than Bluetooth, and you can control the music from any room. It even has Alexa built in so you can play music, ask questions and give commands without having to use your phone. The sound quality is fantastic, and the device itself takes up very little space on your shelf.

sonos one apartment
The Sonos One will fill your apartment with sound while barely taking up any space on your shelf. [Image: Sonos]
Apple TV ($179-$200) – Every cord-cutter knows the importance of having a device that’s capable of streaming TV shows and movies, and the Apple TV is the gold standard of streaming devices. It offers a large selection of apps, allows you to watch TV in 4K HDR and comes with Siri built in, so you don’t even have to lift the remote to change programs.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum ($200) – If you hate carrying around a heavy vacuum and dealing with a long cord getting in the way while you clean, you’ll definitely want to ask for a Dyson Cordless Vacuum. The lightweight cordless vacuum makes cleaning a breeze, allowing you to quickly move from room to room without searching for outlets. Because it’s so light, you can easily clean ceiling corners and hard to reach areas that would be too difficult with a corded vacuum. It also transforms into a small handheld vacuum for couches, mattresses and more, and breaks down into pieces so it can be easily stored or mounted on the wall to save space.

dyson cordless vacuum
Dyson’s lightweight cordless vacuum makes cleaning a small apartment easy. [Image: Target]
Vitamix Blender ($350) – If your resolution for next year is to eat healthy, a blender for smoothies should be on your list. The Vitamix is the most popular blender on the market, and for good reason. While it may seem expensive for a blender, it’s more than that — the Vitamix has an extremely powerful motor that can blend frozen fruits, veggies and more in a fraction of the time of other blenders. It’s also great for making things like hummus, pesto and soups, which will help you whip up gourmet meals in no time. This compact model takes up less counter space than other models, so it’s a suitable choice for an apartment kitchen.

What apartment products are you on your holiday list this year? Let us know in the comments.

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